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Graphic Design Services

LawaGraphicwordpress.com have over 9 years experience in the design and print industry catering for a wide spectrum of graphic design and print types from business cards, letterheads and brochures.

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Our creative team can help with:

  • Design for print – brochures, catalogs, stationery, corporate identities, magazines, flyers, posters

  • Logo / brand creation

  • Exhibition, outdoor and display

  • Advertising

We’re keen to make the design process as transparent as possible as well as keeping to deadlines and delivery dates.

So in short, we’re a graphic design consultancy offering a unique mix of creativity, service and strategic thinking who will really add something extra to your corporate literature, annual report, corporate identity, or web site.

 Web Design & Development

We are the professional web design company that will give your business the credibility it deserves. We have the skills and solutions to deliver stunning, affordable web design.

Secure, reliable and scalable website hosting

We have been providing secure, fast and reliable hosting to all of our customers for almost 8 years and only use the best technology from the leading hosting supplier Nexus Technologies.

From securing a domain name, managing your email account to hosting an eCommerce site we have the capabilities to handle it.

E-Commerce Web Services

We develop custom-written stores that are unique to each client. We have chosen this approach as over the years we have found that each and every online store has its own unique characteristics based upon the business processes that it is modeling.

Our e-commerce web design is modular in approach, which has two main advantages. First, the store becomes extremely easy to extend. If, for example, in six months a new feature is required it can be added without having to rebuild the whole site and the whole store. Secondly, features can be added and removed from the store build as required. For example, some sites might want a currency converter, others a unique payment process, and others still an affiliate program – all of these can be facilitated to create the perfect solution for your e-commerce website design requirements.

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If you are looking for outstanding services at an affordable price,  LawaGraphics.wordpress.com can help you with all your worries. Our skilled marketing team would ensure a guaranteed boost in revenue.


  • Inventory Management

  • Related products and cross selling

  • Payment / Order Information

  • Multiple Payment Options including Google

  • Checkout, Paypal, Secpay

  • Completely SEO

  • (Search Engine Friendly) friendly

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Customer & special offer Discounts

  • Wish List

  • Tax and Delivery

  • Electronic newsletters

  • Full HTTPS/SSL support

  • Reliable E-commerce Hosting

  • Integrated Image Gallery


  • Cost effective and accessibility to global market.

  • Cutting out the middle man and that means more profit.

  • 24 hours business. Your ecommerce software keeps your online shop running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

  • Automated Order processing and quicker payment processing by directly integrating your ecommerce solutions to your bank payment gateway.

  • Greater customer satisfaction. A modern ecommerce website design helps you provide all the customer support that are required.

  • Better customer information. Fully automated ecommerce solutions allow exchange of information to customers efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Drive traffic and sales. Professional ecommerce website designs are more compatible with search engines and thereby sending you relatively more visitors.

  • Simplify sales management

  • Make bookkeeping easy